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Course Catalog
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    Motor Rater Training

    Learn how to conduct and score the UHDRS Motor Exam. Enroll-HD Motor Raters must complete certification on an annual basis.

    Clock 2 Hours
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    Cognitive Rater Training

    Provides raters with guidance on the instructions for administering and scoring the Enroll-HD Cognitive Assessment Battery.

    Clock 2 Hours
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    Behavioural Rater Training

    PBA-s Teaching Video and the PBA-s Webinar Training materials, along with an introduction to the psychopathology of HD and interviewing skills.

    Clock 2 Hours
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    Functional Rater Training

    Provides raters with training materials on how to administer and score the UHDRS Functional Scale.

    Clock 2 Hours
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    HDCC Rater Training

    Provides an introduction on how to administer and rate the onset of signs and symptoms that may or may not be related to HD using the HD Clinical Characteristics Scale.

    Clock 2 Hours
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    Good Clinical Practice

    The Barnett International Good Clinical Practices (GCP) training module provides teaching and assessment of GCP aimed at global clinical research professionals.

    Clock 2 Hours
Our Collaborators

The Enroll-HD Clinical Training Portal is made possible through the collaboration of many researchers and organizations within the HD community, and the continued generous support of HD families. We thank them all for their contribution.

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